Capitol’s Culture of Corruption Claims Yet Another Democrat

Press Release - L.A. County GOP Chair: “Sen. Wright must resign – or be expelled – today and Republicans have to stand up and be counted as well”

BURBANK, January 28, 2014 – Democrat State Sen. Rod Wright has a new title today – convicted felon – after a Los Angeles County jury found him guilty on all counts in his voter fraud trial.

“The Capitol’s Culture of Corruption has claimed yet another Democrat,” said Mark Vafiades, Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County (RPLAC).  “It proves beyond any doubt there is something seriously wrong with the absolute power that Democrats have amassed in Sacramento and the lengths they have gone and will go to collect and keep it.”

Prosecutors charged Wright with falsely claiming he moved into a rental property he owned in Inglewood to pursue election in what was then the 25th Senate District.  He was also accused of repeatedly lying on official voter registration and candidate forms and, finally, of casting numerous ballots in five elections that he was not entitled to vote in from the Inglewood address. 

The Los Angeles Times added, “Prosecutors said Wright actually lived in a more spacious single-family home in upscale Baldwin Hills. He bought the house in 2000, but it was in another district.”

“This is not a cause for celebration, but it is a clear sign we need action now.  Republicans in the State Senate must also stand and be counted.  They can’t take a pass on pursuing this,” said Vafiades.

The Sacramento Bee reported today that “Pro tem Steinberg said Rod Wright's conviction is ‘a punch to the gut,’ almost chokes up as he comments to press.”

“Sen. Steinberg can save his crocodile tears.  As the most powerful Democrat in the Legislature, he has to bear some responsibility for the corruption that has taken place,” said Vafiades.  “What of Democrat Sen. Ron Calderon, last referenced on national television accepting bribes from undercover FBI agents?  Steinberg has yet to answer what he knew about Calderon’s outrageous conduct – and when he knew it.”