AD Committee Chair Forms

Assembly District Central Committee Minutes Form

A consistent form for taking minutes of meetings of the AD CC. This form is in Microsoft Word so that minutes can be typed directly on the form.

District Profile

A profile of the Assembly District.

Standard Form Agenda for AD CCs

Format for preparing an agenda for the AD CC Meetings.


ByLaws – CRP

Standing Rules and Bylaws of the California Republican Party.

These are the CRP Bylaws, as amended March 16, 2014


ByLaws – RPLAC


Copy of the RPLAC ByLaws, as amended March 18, 2017.



RNC Growth and Opportunity Project

This is the RNC Plan for revitalizing the Republican Party going forward. It was issued March 2013.



2017-2018 Member and Ex-Officio Oath of Office Form

Form to be filled out by elected central committee members and ex-officio central committee members.

2017-2018 Authorization of Alternate Form

This a form to be filled out by central committee members, and ex-officio members to designate alternates.

RPLAC Club Charter Application

Application process for independent volunteer Republican Clubs to be chartered by RPLAC.