L.A. GOP Elects New Chairman & Executive Board

Press Release - Republican Party of Los Angeles County Elects New Chairman and Board of Directors

(Encino, CA) This was a great weekend for the Republican Party of Los Angeles County (RPLAC), as members gathered together in Pasadena to elect a new Chairman and Board of Directors, as well a new Executive Committee for the entire county. The meeting was respectful, efficient and successful, and the room was full of energy and excitement.


2017-2018 RPLAC Executive Board
Chairman: Richard Sherman
1st Vice-Chairman: Mark Vafiades
2nd Vice-Chairman: Howard Hakes
Treasurer: Gary Aminoff
Assistant Treasurer: Jacqueline Loza
Secretary: Janice Webb
Assistant Secretary: Andre Hollings

This truly is a new era in RPLAC, where members and assembly districts work together to achieve common goals, including creating a positive message, supporting strong candidates for office and building the infrastructure for our Party at the local level.

With Republicans controlling the national agenda, we have an incredible opportunity for Los Angeles County Republicans to take that message to our respective communities and help expand our Party. Voters will see that the Democrats lack solutions to a stronger economy, better jobs, safer neighborhoods and a better education system.

We thank you for your service and commitment to our Party, we look forward to working closely over the next few years and we wish you all a very happy and safe Holiday Season