RPLAC Club Charter Application

Republican Party of Los Angeles County

Chartering Process

The following steps are required in order to be considered as a Republican Party of Los Angeles County (RPLAC) chartered volunteer organization:

Step 1: Organization

  • Have had at least two (2) meetings (meeting minutes must be provided to RPLAC with application)
  • Have ratified the Bylaws of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County (RPLAC)
  • Elected officers, appointed committees (if applicable) and completed the organization as provided for in Charter’s Bylaws.
  • Adopted Bylaws which are submitted with this application. (Bylaws must be in compliance with RPLAC and CRP Bylaws)
  • Names and addresses of Chapter officers
  • Names and addresses of chapter members (at least 10, must be registered Republicans)
  • Fill out RPLAC Club Charter Application (click here to download)

Step 2: Local Approval

  • Assembly District Committee Sponsorship, the local assembly district will assess if the proposed club aligns with the party goals and the other stakeholders in the area.

Step 3: Submission to RPLAC

  • Submit full application to the RPLAC Volunteer Organizations Committee

Step 4: RPLAC Approval

  • Once the Charter package is reviewed by the RPLAC Volunteer Organizations Committee, recommendation is submitted to the next Executive Committee meeting for a ratification vote.


Excerpts from RPLAC Bylaws:

Chartering and coordination of the activities of independent volunteer Republican clubs shall be vested in the Executive Committee, directly or through the independent Volunteer Republican Clubs Committee provided for in Article XIII, Section 2.b. Procedures shall be adopted for charter applications, which include Assembly District sponsorship and investigation that minimum requirements are met. The Independent Volunteer Republican Clubs Committee will determine if the minimum requirements are met and will report their findings and recommendations to the Executive Committee. The Executive Committee shall vote for approval or rejection of charter applications and revocation of existing charters.


Excerpts from the CRP Bylaws:

Guidelines for Petitioning for a Charter

(1) Any Republican volunteer organization wishing to be chartered by the Committee may petition the Chairman for issuance of a Committee charter. In order to petition for a charter, the organization shall provide with its petition certification by its Chairman or President, as the case may be, and Secretary, and documents to support such certification, that:

(a) The membership of the organization consists exclusively of registered Republican voters. In the case of youth groups with members under the age of 18 years, the organization must certify that such members have declared their intention to register as Republicans upon reaching the age of 18.

(c) The organization has chapters or subordinate units, each of which shall have not fewer than ten members, in at least ten counties, and three of these units must have been chartered by their respective Republican county central committees.

(2) The petitioning organization shall submit a copy of its bylaws, governing documents, charters from other Republican organizations and Republican county central committees, together with the names and addresses of at least 200 Republican members and a list of the organization's officers, to the Committee with its petition.

(C) Chartering Procedures

(1) Upon receipt of a petition for issuance of a charter, the Chairman shall immediately refer the petition to the Volunteer Organizations Committee for investigation. When the committee has had sufficient time to conduct its investigation, it will report its recommendations to the Committee at its next scheduled meeting.

(2) The Committee shall consider whether to issue a charter to an organization, in its discretion.

(3) All information related to membership lists and financial affairs submitted by a petitioning organization shall be strictly confidential. No such information submitted by a petitioning organization shall be distributed or sold to any person or organization without prior written approval of the petitioning organization.