Stand Up or Shut Up? Jerry Brown, the Democrats’ Frankenstein and Our New Politics of Scarcity

Press Release - L.A. GOP Chairman: Jerry Brown, the Democrats’ Frankenstein and Our New Politics of Scarcity

ENCINO, May 18, 2015 – Most of the time, politics is an exercise in getting the attention of people who are busy with living their lives and don’t have the time to follow the events of the day – even if it is news they can use.  Try as we might, we know for a fact that there are thousands of voters in Los Angeles County who would be interested and receptive to the GOP message … if only we were able to connect with them. 

2014 proved that we can absolutely bring new voters to our Republican side and persuade them to take a look at our platform of economic growth, local control, public accountability and individual freedom.  We have further to go, but we are making progress.

Still, it is a daily challenge to get the attention of the public, inform them of what is happening and encourage them to get involved in new and more effective ways.  Too often, we can’t seem to find a way to reach everyone.

And then the Democrats start rationing water.  Think people might pay attention now?

A Summary of the Story

Let’s review the bidding.  California is currently in a drought.  This has never happened before – well, unless you count the fact that much of the state is located in a dry, arid climate (or even the desert), and has been in a drought condition off and on for, literally, thousands of years.

For just about as long, Democrats have been thinking up ways to restrict water use by farmers, regulate excessive environmental rules and refuse to construct storage facilities and institute wise industrial planning.  They prefer to tax and borrow to continue California’s massive social spending and hope for – I guess – a rainy day.

Is our Democrat governor working with the Democrat president to ease the regulations that have diverted millions of gallons of water to protect a tiny fish?  No. 

Is he calling for an end of the policy that diverts massive amounts of usable water into the ocean for fish habitat purposes?  No.

Is the Democrat Legislature green-lighting desalination plants to put them on line as soon as possible?  No.

Has the Director of the Department of Water Resources – on whose watch this has all happened – been asked by anyone in Sacramento to resign?  No.

What do you have to do to lose your job in state government, anyway?

Democrats vs. Greens?  Don’t Let it End Soon

Right now, I believe there is a sort of calm before the storm.  The only people really protesting this issue are the environmentalist left which opposed Brown’s idea of a water tunnel with such ferocity that he responded, “shut up, because you don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.”

This is fascinating for a very big reason:  Not because Brown’s water tunnel is a bad or good idea … it’s irrelevant to our present needs.  The interesting part is that it is at least an idea about building and constructing a technological solution … which the environmentalists totally oppose. 

So Brown got angry.  But he should save his ire for his fellow Democrats – who created this radical movement and used it to win many elections and finance many more. 

The Democrats’ Frankenstein monster rising up to attack them?  Grab a seat and break out the popcorn.

A Simple Plan and a Complicated Lack of Response

But the Democrats are on the job and they have a plan to deal with a crisis they have made dramatically worse:  Unprecedented compulsory reductions in residential water use and/or fines of tens of thousands of dollars. 

That’s their plan.  Shutting off your water or socking you with huge penalties.  Or both.

So far, the water police haven’t handcuffed anyone to their garden hose and stopped them from watering their lawn.  And no one has yet received a fine perhaps 10 times their rent for washing their car by hand.  Yet.

To date, our Republican leaders have done the responsible thing by engaging in bipartisan dialogue and offered innovative solutions to help with the crisis.  I believe we have been handed a golden opportunity.  Will we take it?


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