Statement on Leland Yee Arrest

Press Release - Capitol’s Culture of Criminal Corruption Claims Another Democrat: L.A. County GOP Chair: “This is an epidemic and there’s only one cure”

BURBANK, March 26, 2014 – Following today’s arrest of Democrat State Senator Leland Yee on public corruption charges, the criminal count continues to grow among Democrats in the State Senate; in 2014 alone, one member has already been convicted of several felonies, another indicted on numerous counts – including bribery – and today, Leland Yee in an FBI investigation that executed searches in his Capitol and district offices.

“Today’s disturbing news is only the latest reminder that something is rotten in the Democrat power structure in Sacramento,” said Mark Vafiades, Chairman of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County (RPLAC).  “The larger question is: When the FBI gets done indicting Democrats in the State Senate, will they be able to conduct a quorum?”

Yee is a former San Francisco board member and supervisor and member of the state Assembly.  He is also a candidate for Secretary of State, one of the state's seven highest offices.

Vafiades also detailed the “pattern of abuse” seen just this year, in which Sen. Rod Wright was convicted of several felonies, Sen. Ron Calderon was indicted on bribery charges and, today, Sen. Yee for public corruption.  He also indicated a renewed interest in pursuing the expulsion of Sen. Wright and the resignations of Sen. Calderon and Sen. Yee.  Thus far, State Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg has blocked all efforts to pursue even votes on these matters.

“Darrell Steinberg has made it clear he’s not interested in what’s happening to his caucus, and he doesn’t care about the fact that his fellow Democrats are engaged in serious criminal activity,” said Vafiades.  “And I think we know why: He pursued a supermajority in the State Legislature and the incredible power that comes with it.  But this absolute power is corrupting – absolutely.”

Vafiades concluded by adding that while it is true that California voters have given Democrats sizable majorities in the State Legislature, those same people are now seeing one of the inevitable end results of providing absolute political power without political responsibility.

“This is an excellent time for all California voters – in any party, or no party – to conclude that the best and fastest remedy to address the California Capitol’s Culture of Corruption is to return a balance of power to Sacramento,” he said.