The Biggest Scandal … You’ve Hardly Heard About

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We’ve been pointing out for years that California’s political culture is far too lenient of corruption, and the state’s media nothing less than AWOL when it comes to providing the full details of the people’s right to know.  And while we haven’t changed our minds, it is true that once in a while, we have a few second thoughts that maybe we are being too critical.

And then yet another Democrat scandal occurs, and we are reminded why we were so sure in the first place.

On January 27th, state law enforcement officials executed a search warrant at the La Canada-Flintridge home of Michael Peevey, a prominent Democrat political activist, who for many years was the head of the extremely powerful California Public Utilities Commission.  This was based upon emails that accuse Peevey of soliciting political contributions from the utilities he was regulating, as well as funds for parties and other celebrations.

I hope you read every newspaper in the state front to back on a daily basis … or you might have missed this bombshell.

But there’s more to the story: Peevey is married to Democrat State Sen. Carol Liu.  That means her home was raided, too, and the following items removed (that we know of): “computers, smartphones and a thumb drive, a small data-storage device.”

Shhhhhh … Be Very Quiet … Media Sleeping

While there have been some interesting details in a few media sources, it is obvious that the Capitol press corps and the mainstream media are doing the absolute bare minimum and refuse any follow-up reporting.

Let’s review:  The most powerful regulator in California was forced to step down from his post … his home was raided by police … material was seized by the authorities … and his wife is a current member of the State Senate.

Doesn’t that sound like a story?  Where is the firestorm of media coverage?

Is Peevey being pursued to give his side of the story?  No.

Has Carol Liu been asked one time what she knows and when she knew it?  No.

Has the State Legislature opened an investigation of what appears to be impropriety of criminal laws and taxpayer funds?  No.

None of this is happening.  I never wanted to be a Democrat … but once in a while I’m intrigued by what it must be like to essentially get a free pass for practically everything.

Kamala Harris, Call Your Office

I realize she’s all but packed up and ready to relocate to the U.S. Senate where she thinks she’ll be after next year … but it would be good if Kamala Harris does drop by her office as Attorney General.  We would like to know anything about this case.  Where is the press conference?  Where is the detailed announcement of how they came to obtain their search warrant of the Peevey/Liu household?  What is the status of their investigation?

If she was investigating a prominent Republican, could we expect this kind of silence? 

What This Means … For Now

This burgeoning scandal is important almost as much for what we know as what we don’t.  It is absolutely imperative that this not be swept under the rug and allowed to fade from public view.

This story is not going away … and neither is the scandal.