Dr. Richard Sherman

The New Republican Party of Los Angeles County welcomes you!

The Republican Party of Los Angeles County (LAGOP) is a volunteer organization, made up of engaged community members who care about bringing common-sense policies back to all levels of government, from Washington D.C. and Sacramento, to your local City Hall.

Each day our members fight for issues voters care about most – creating good paying jobs that improve our economy, providing our children with the best education, making our neighborhoods safe, increasing opportunities for all, and strengthening our quality of living.

We are fortunate to live in the most diverse region in the entire world. Our communities are rich with people from all over, with different cultures, traditions and heritages. That’s what makes Los Angeles County unique. We want the new Republican Party, our members and voters, to reflect this wonderful diversity.

Members of LAGOP are elected every four years by the voters, and are tasked with representing all Republicans across the county and the values they care about.

We encourage all Republicans to get involved and participate in our activities, which include social and educational programs, recruiting candidates to run for public office, volunteering on various campaigns and becoming engaged in the issues that impact our local communities.

The mission of the Republican Party of Los Angeles County is simple:

-Create Better Jobs & Strengthen Our Economy

-Make Our Neighborhoods Safe

-Provide All Children A Quality Education

-Increase Opportunities For Everyone

If you are interested in shaping the future of our region and making a difference, we want you to become a part of the new Republican Party of Los Angeles County.


Richard Sherman


Los Angeles County Republican Party